Regional Crisis Hotline: (888) 544-9986

Greater Columbia Behavioral Health, LLC

Toll-Free Customer Service Line: (888) 545-3022

Administration Policies

Development, Approval & Review of Formal GCBH Documents


To define how GCBH documents establishing standards and/or describing business processes are developed, formalized, and maintained.

GCBH Contract Audits


To establish standards for increased quality of services for individuals and a process by which contract auditing of GCBH's provider network is in compliance with Federal, State, and local laws.

Employee Orientation


To define the orientation content and process for new employees.

Customer Service


To establish standards for customer service.

Provider Network Selection and Retention


To provide guidelines, instructions, and standards for the selection of providers into GCBH that comply with, at a minimum, the requirements of 42 CFR 438.214.



To establish standards prohibiting discrimination against, or sexual harassment of, employees, contracted network providers, and individuals.

Emergency Response


To establish response procedures for GCBH staff in emergency situations.

OIG & Federal Exclusion Check Requirements


To identify standards and processes associated with ensuring that GCBH has ready access to information necessary for satisfying CFR requirements and responding to requests from the Office of Inspector General, and with conducting the routine Federal Exclusion checks required by contract.

Record Retention


To describe Greater Columbia Behavioral Health's requirements for the retention of records.

Crisis Line Management


To outline roles, responsibilities, and oversight of the delegation of the GCBH crisis line.

GCBH Credentialing


Organizational Providers are credentialed prior to inclusion in the network and are re-credentialed every 36 months to assure that they remain in good standing with regulatory and accrediting bodies, continue to maintain the appropriate level of malpractice insurance, and are free from sanctions or ethical violations which indicate a problem with the quality of service delivery.