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Greater Columbia Behavioral Health, LLC

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Compliance Policies

Compliance Plan


To outline and define the scope, responsibilities, and activities conducted by Greater Columbia Behavioral Health (GCBH) to uphold corporate compliance standards and comply with program integrity requirements.

Conflict of Interest


This policy applies to all GCBH Executive Committee members or their designated alternate(s), who, while in the course of conducting official business (i.e., during an Executive Committee meeting) have, or are perceived to be in, a conflict of interest Additionally, this  Policy abides by RCW 42.52, Ethics in a Public Service.

Code of Professional Conduct


To define the code of professional conduct for the GCBH Executive Committee.

Response to Incidents & Media Contacts


To define processes for addressing negative events involving a recipient of behavioral health services, and for responding to media contacts regarding coverage of such incidents or other events relating to the delivery of behavioral health services.