Regional Crisis Hotline: (888) 544-9986

Greater Columbia Behavioral Health, LLC

Toll-Free Customer Service Line: (888) 545-3022

Consumer Affairs Policies

Enrollee Rights & Information Requirements


To define requirements for communicating the individual rights established by WAC 246-341-0600, RCW 71.24, 42 CFR 438.100, and the Washington State Health Care Authority, and other important information regarding the behavioral health services available to individuals, as included in the member handbook.

Individual/Enrollee Financial Protections


To establish processes for coordination of care of individuals and payment in the event a community hospital and/or a service provider becomes insolvent.

Grievance System


Greater Columbia Behavioral Health (GCBH) shall have a Grievance system
that includes a Grievance process, an Appeal process, and access to the
Administrative Hearing process for Contracted Services. Provider claim
disputes initiated by the provider are not subject to this policy.

Interpreter Services


To provide detailed procedures for contacting interpreter services to facilitate communication between GCBH personnel and individuals.