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Quality Management Policies

Quality Improvement Plan


It is the mission of GCBH to ensure quality access and effective assessment and interventions to persons who are experiencing a crisis or who are eligible to receive non-Medicaid funded Behavioral Health Services.  The role of GCBH's Operations and Clinical Management teams is to work collaboratively with its Provider Network to support GCBH's efforts to continuously evaluate and improve service delivery and end-user experience.  The Quality Improvement Plan serves as a foundation to provide the structural and evaluative components for our ongoing performance improvement.

Network Provider Quality Management Process


To define requirements for quality management processes conducted by GCBH network providers.

Coordination of Behavioral Health Service With Other Systems of Care


To assure that GCBH and its contracted providers cooperate and actively work with other systems of care involved with the same individual and participate in the coordination of behavioral health services with other systems of care (e.g. physical health care, Developmental Disabilities, Juvenile Justice, Tribes, Vocational Rehabilitation, jails, corrections, informal/natural supports, education, etc.) and to convey the GCBH expectation, in concert with Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Health Care Authority (HCA) mandates
that its contracted providers cooperate and actively work with other systems of care involved with the same individual.

Preparedness and Responding to Disasters


To ensure that GCBH complies with all State and Federal requirements regarding disaster preparedness.  GCBH is  committed to meeting the needs of its individuals and all residents of our service area during disasters.

Network Planning & Service Delegation


To establish requirements for: (1) Planning the adequate availability of behavioral health care to GCBH individuals, and (2) Planning, defining, and monitoring of the delegated activities by which this care is provided or supported.